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Better Sleep, A Better You!

Happy New Year! Winter weather makes it hard to get out of bed, doesn't it? The warm comfort that holds us willingly inside the soft folds of our blankets makes it hard to move on to our ever growing to-do lists and responsibilities we are beholden to. It can also be hard to move out… Continue reading Better Sleep, A Better You!

Teen Drug Use

Information on Teen Drug Use

  Help for Teen Drug Use Helpful information on teen drug use and addictions. Teen Addicted to Cough Medicine A powerful video depicts the ease and danger of using cough medicine to get high. A warning for parents and teens. Talking to your kids about drug abuse This site offers information for parents and… Continue reading Information on Teen Drug Use

Teen, Teenage Brain

Understanding the Teenage Brain

  National Geographic:The Teenage Brain The science behind teenage behavior as we learn and understand how the teenage brain develops and works. Research on the links between teen behavior and brain and body changes Short synopses of scientific articles that trace teen behavior and moods back to brain development and hormones. Frontline: Understanding the Teenage… Continue reading Understanding the Teenage Brain