Issues for Teens

Issues for Teens Teen Dating Violence Stats

The American Bar Assn. conducted a National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Initiative in 2006 and compiled current stats among teens. Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Look at the warning signs and suggestions on how to seek help if you think you may be in an abusive or destructive relationship. Healthy and Abusive Relationships for Teens

Tips for how to tell if you are in a healthy supportive realationship, as well as, signs that you may be in an abusive relatioship. Tips for getting outside help are included. Concerns around Cutting

Cutting and other Self-Injurious behaviors can be a sign that your teen is overwhelmed with emotions that they are not able to cope with. This article has information for teens and parents. Self-Injury Information for Teens and Parents

Excellent website with information for schools, counselors, parents, and teens. Handouts and other material from experts at Cornell.

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