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Creating Calm: For Ourselves and For Our Children

It is no secret that we live in a time of high anxiety.  As adults we navigate the news, weather issues, workplace stress, and family events or emergencies on a daily basis.  Being able to manage our strong feelings around all of these things that are beyond our control is difficult. It is only natural… Continue reading Creating Calm: For Ourselves and For Our Children

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Better Sleep, A Better You!

Happy New Year! Winter weather makes it hard to get out of bed, doesn't it? The warm comfort that holds us willingly inside the soft folds of our blankets makes it hard to move on to our ever growing to-do lists and responsibilities we are beholden to. It can also be hard to move out… Continue reading Better Sleep, A Better You!

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10 Ways to Create Family Harmony

Fall is just the season where we begin to pull energies back into the home and family gatherings. When time is spent indoors more that out, and holidays keep us tethered to family. It can also be a time of unavoidable stress because of new fall schedules and the demands of school and work. I… Continue reading 10 Ways to Create Family Harmony

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Five Communication Tips in Relating to Teens

Simple Suggestions for a Healthy Relationship Adolescence is the time in your child’s life where they are moving towards independence, creating themselves as an individual, their own identity, separate from you, different from you. It is called “individuation” or “identity formation” in the mental health field and is usually a time of development that is… Continue reading Five Communication Tips in Relating to Teens

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Battling Backtalk: Five Tips Every Parent Needs

From Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions Whether it’s a toddler’s defiant “No,” or a teenager screaming, “You can’t tell me what to do,” backtalk is enough to make any parent’s blood boil. What’s worse, it often seems our natural reaction to backtalk (“How dare you speak to me that way” or “You’ll do… Continue reading Battling Backtalk: Five Tips Every Parent Needs

Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources

Parenting information for all ages What's your parenting style? Find out more information about parenting kids and teens at this user friendly website. Online classes and more! Childhood Anxiety A wonderful site with helpful information on how to assess and intervene with childhood reactions to fear and anxiety. Best Practice for Autism Spectrum Disorders Blog… Continue reading Parenting Resources

Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens

  The Harvard Report: Raising Teens Harvard University provides 10 tasks of adolescents and 5 Basics of Parenting Adolescents. Stages of Adolescent Development Information on the stages of development and what to expect from your teen in terms of physical, social, and emotional development. A good overview for parents.