Services for Schools

I can provide the following presentations to Teachers and Parents. I believe it is important to educate parents and reach out to the community that I am a part of.

Presentations for Parents:

Walking a Thin Line: Communication with Your Teen. This is a free presentation on the brain changes going on with teens and how they interpret their world, understanding teen behavior and development, as well as, tips for parents on navigating the tempestuous teen years.

Stress and Anxiety in Children: Children who experience stress react and relate to their world differently. Stress can impact grades, social relationships, and self-esteem. This presentation covers how stress effects the body, triggers (or sources of stress)that promote the stress reaction, and how to combat stress in the family and with your child.

Call for fee and scheduling information.


Professional Development for Teachers:

Managing Stress 101: This 2 hour presentation offers teachers a series of information and activities, thought provoking discussions, and strategies that offer teachers an avenue to explore their sources of stress, identify their gifts and talents, and find ways to cope and celebrate the importance of their profession.

In a recent study at the College of Florham in NY researchers found that even brief relaxation exercises improved stress responses and overall life satisfaction in teachers.

This workshop will offer teachers and administrators exercises in meditation, and stress management that they can use to manage stress all year long!

Please call for details, scheduling, and fees.


Presentations for Teens:

Creating and Finding Healthy Relationships: This one hour slide show presentation and accompanying activities discuss various aspects of healthy relationships with others and how to identify controlling and even abusive relationships. Included are steps for improving self-esteem, when and where to ask for help. Statistics on abusive relationships and parental awareness facilitate discussion. This presentation is intended for students in grades 10 – 11 and is appropriate for a classroom or church youth group. Please call to discuss fee.

Destructive Decisions Don’t Have to be Yours: This 45 minutes slide show touches on mental health issues related to teen development including; body image disorders, drinking and drug use, abusive/unhealthy relationships, and self-injurious behaviors (cutting). All teens have some knowledge of these issues, but many are unaware of the serious mental health issues related to them. This is a psycho-educational presentation that provides awareness and support for all teens during a time in their life where information tends to be lacking in substance. Good for high school age groups.