Services and Fees


Does your child struggle with anxiety? Do you worry about their worries? Does your child have difficulty with organization and planning? Is your child having trouble focusing, studying or just performing to their optimum?



Let me help your child reach their full potential.

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I am glad you found my website! You have taken the first step towards creating a more positive relationship with your child.  Often, we struggle for years thinking we need to have all the answers to our child’s needs. Let me be a professional who works with you towards helping your child become their best self. I also work with young adults in helping them reach their full potential.  Many things can hold us back, such as, patterns of behavior that no longer work, performance anxiety, difficulty with focus our attention, irritability, frustration or anger, low self-esteem or self-destructive behavior.  If you have been burdened with these types of issues for more than a couple of months, and they interfere in your daily life or satisfaction with life, please give me a call.  There are coping strategies that can help, and I can offer support to you or your child.

I can help with the following concerns:

ADHD/ADD Assessment and Treatment, Student Coaching, Stress Management, Performance Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Situational Anxiety, Parent/Child Relational Issues, Traumatic Events or Trauma, Childhood Behavioral Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Depression, Social Skills, and Acting Out Behaviors. 

For more detailed information please see: Services for Students and Parents.

Individual Counseling and Therapy

I provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and young adults. I also provide supports to adults moving through a life transition (divorce, mid-life, grief, career change). I provide engaging activities and expressive therapies to create an inviting and nurturing environment. I take a humanistic approach using the latest research on neurocounseling and cognitive behavioral practices to inform and help clients reach their full potential. Young adults and teens need a place to voice their dreams and the motivation to reach for them. I provide a safe place to explore, share, and create a positive self- concept that leads them to finding their place in our complicated world.

Family Therapy

Families are very important in the process of therapy. I see parents as holding the key to sustained and meaningful change in terms of behavior for young children. This can focus on behavioral concerns, anxiety, adjustment to life circumstances (like divorce or loss), self-esteem, stress or anger management, and trauma. I often involve the family of  young children in the therapy process. However, teens and young adults need a different experience and often a space to express their voice. Family conflict can be a part of raising teens and  young adults. If it is helpful to the child, parents and family members are invited to be a part of the process towards healthier and happier interactions.

Coaching For Kids with AD/HD

I provide 1:1 coaching sessions for middle through high school students looking to work on issues related to organization, goal setting, managing stress, and resolving conflicts with others. I also provide consultations to schools for students who may need recommendations for classroom accommodations to work to their full potential.

Counseling Practices:

I practice Client Centered and Family Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurocounseling, Behavioral Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Theraplay (directive play therapy), Art Therapy exercises and activities, Solution Focused Therapy, Family Therapy, Mindful Meditation, and I am currently working towards my Family Trauma Professional Certification.

Fees & Insurance:

Fees are $150 for the Initial Intake and $135 per follow up appointments.

As a courtesy, I can submit claims to your insurance carrier for out of network benefits. For details as to how much your insurance company will pay for services, contact the member services number and ask the following questions:

1.) Do I have out of network benefits?

2.) If so, is there a deductible?

3.) Once the deductible is me, how much will insurance reimburse me for services?

4.) Is there any particular form that my therapist needs to complete?  Is there a limit to sessions that are able to be reimbursed?

If you feel like my services may a good fit for you or your child, please contact me to see how I can best work with you as you support your child.