Emergency Services

I do not provide emergency services and am not a part of a clinic that provides psychiatric or emergency follow-up to my psychotherapy practice.

If you should experience a need for emergency services the following are available:

Sheppard Pratt Crisis Walk-In Clinic: 410-938-5302  This Clinic is located in the Admissions suite of the Weinberg Bldg. on the S-P campus located at 6501 N. Charles St. in Baltimore, MD

John’s Hopkins has a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit:


Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital works with children thru adolescents and has a continuum of care:


Mobile Response Teams will respond to crisis situations in homes and provide assessment and transportation of individual if necessary to obtain mental health services:

BCCRS: Baltimore County Crisis Response System: 410-931-2214

BCRI: Baltimore (City) Crisis Response:

410-433-5255 (E. Fayette St.)

410-685-2363 (N. Howard St.)