Fees & Insurance


  • Counseling Intake and Assessment: $175
  • Individual Therapy Sessions: $150
  • Fees are due at the time of session
  • Carefirst BCBS Insurance:  I am In-Network with BCBS and take most of my new clients with this insurance through Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative’s Intake process so they will process claims for us. We will discuss this during our intake.
  • No Surprises Act: This act went into effect Jan 1 2022 which states that we need to offer all out of network clients an estimate of services. Please see this documentation located on my Initial Documents page. You will need to review this and sign. We will also discuss this consumer protection act during out intake session.

I accept payments online here via Paypal (not HIPAA compliant) or via Ivy Pay (a HIPAA compliant app where you store your card) . Please request an invoice for sessions so that you may apply or insurance reimbursement.

Insurance Information : I do accept BCBS Carefirst and take clients through Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative to process these claims. Please make sure you are aware of your deductible by contacting the member services number on the back of your card. Many times the insurance information portal is incorrect and clients are surprised that they have a deductible that needs to be covered prior to copay/or insurance kicks in. You are guaranteed the rate of service provided by your insurance plan for all of our sessions (typically $101-$120) if you are in-network with BCBS.