Vivian is a compassionate, caring, and highly skilled professional with many years of solid counseling experience behind her back, both as a school counselor as well as in private practice. She has a very special ability to communicate with the inner world of a wounded child through her amazing skill set including art and play therapy. Making therapy sessions fun and exciting for younger children while achieving significant positive results in a short amount of time is Vivian’s specialty. She is also very experienced and passionate about working with teens, young adults, and their families. Gaining the trust of a teenager is not a simple undertaking, but highly necessary in order to achieve positive results. Vivian has helped many teens in shaping their values and belief systems as well as dealing with issues related to identify formation and making sense of their families of origin. I highly recommend Vivian. – Mina K., LCPC

As a clinician, I feel so fortunate to be able to refer families to Vivian! I know that they will be met with a warm smile and effective strategies presented by a master therapist. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I would send my own children to work with Vivian without reservation. She is a gift to the field of family therapy. – Sarah F., LCPC

Sarah F., LCPC