IMG_3533Individual and Family Therapy: 

I provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for children and teens using a variety of therapies in a client-centered approach to address emotional and behavioral issues.  Expressive therapies include play, sand tray therapy, art therapy exercises, yoga, and meditation. I also provide a neuro-counseling and a cognitive behavioral approach in understanding the mind-body connection.  This is very helpful for kids and teens with ADHD, generalized anxiety, performance anxiety, test anxiety, depression, or issues related to stress or anger.   It is very important for teens to find their own voice, and discover their own truths.  Therapy can be a very helpful sounding board for this type of personal growth.

Approach to Therapy:

There have been important gains in our field in the area of energy psychology.  For this reason I offer Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping” when I believe it is helpful in managing negative emotional experiences. I also practice and offer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for children and teens that emphasizes mindfulness practices. I pull these concepts and skills into individual sessions very often.  Sand tray therapy is a wonderful technique or approach to teasing out complex emotions and experiences. Using a specially sized tray of therapeutic sand, children create their world and we process this world together. I am grateful to have extensive training in all of these practices. Experiential therapy is how to connect with children and teens who use  play and expression as a way to tell their story and to find a healing path.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuro-counseling offer a way to understand how our thoughts, feelings, and actions are all related and part of the mind-body connection. By changing these patterns in thinking or behavior we create new neuropathways in the brain that stimulate a healthier response to life events.

Family Involvement:

Parents often are looking for support and guidance in order to help their child move through difficult times.  For this reason, parents are likely to be involved in the therapeutic process. I offer parent sessions that give support to parents regarding their particular child’s needs. Family therapy sessions can be extremely helpful  for improving communication or discipline. I may also suggest resources and homework assignments for parents to introduce new concepts and interactions to improve their relationship with their child.

Young Adults (early 20’s to early 30’s):

Often young adults are working towards developing successful relationships, work patterns, and are creating their way of interacting with the world around them.  Therapy can help them work through the challenges posed by the difficulties moving through the hurdles of college adjustment, relationship concerns, workplace behaviors, future planning, as well as, understanding and defining oneself.


Other Services for Students

AD/HD Assessment: This includes the Vanderbilt Assessment Inventory that screens symptoms of AD/HD along with anxiety and behavioral concerns.

Executive Functioning Assessment: Many students have learning and discipline issues related to Executive Functioning difficulties. The Behavioral Rating Inventory for Executive Functioning (BRIEF) assesses 8 areas of brain function and offers recommendations for school, students, and parents. Additional services include customized planning for behavioral or study/learning issues, support for parents, and individualized support for the student.

ADHD Coaching Services: Based on the Vanderbilt Assessment, parent and student interviews, in-session observations, along with the BRIEF (if we find it neccessary), I work together with parents and the child to create a personalized plan of action. This is a very student centered process. The student sees the results, participates in decision making, and reaps the rewards of progess.  Parents are a part of this team and provide very neccessary support in the process.


Sand Tray Therapy

Monday Morning Meditation: I lead this Mindfulness Meditation practice in our Wellness Space. No experience in meditating is necessary. This is a good class for those beginning a meditation practice or interested in learning more about meditation. $10 donation.

Mindful Meditation for Teens and Tweens:   A 6 week session based on the latest research and information on mindfulness practices, utilizing the Learning to Breathe Curriculum for Adolescents, and adopting a playful and practical approach, I introduce students to the wonders of paying attention to themselves in a new way. These skills address inattention, stress management, dysregulation, anxiety, anger, and depression. Each session addresses a different mindful practice, exercises on getting to know oneself, and meditations to take away and use in real life.  $240 for the Class (6 sessions)

Life Adjustment: Don’t Rock the Boat!: This is a new group I am starting that invites those children in grades 5-7 who are going through a major change in their life to share in exploring, along with other students, ways to cope, process, and manage strong feelings. Each session will involve some type of relaxing activity, craft, or exercise to create an environment of support and fun. There will be movement (yoga and qigong), talking, reflection, meditation aexercises, and creative activities in this supportive group. $160 for the Class (4 sessions). This is also offered in a 2 hour group retreat format for $80 per student.

Stress Busting: This is a 4 session consultation around managing stressful life events.  School stress, performance anxiety, test-taking, social anxiety and more are addressed in this highly personalized coaching process.  I will use the latest neurocounseling research to understand how your child is processing stress and how they can find stragegies that will ease the underlying anxiety involved.  Students are actively involved in the process of understanding their highly active nervous system, and how they can modify their reactivity to life events.  $150 per session.

Insurance:  I no longer accept insurance, however, many insurance companies have Out Of Network Benefits so that you can see the provider that offers you the best fit for your situation and preferences. Please contact your insurance company for details on your deductible and their reimbursement rate once the deductible is met.

As a courtesy I offer filing for your benefits, which means, once you pay for services, I can file with your insurance company so that the fee gets applied to your deductible. If you have Out-of-Network benefits, once deductible is met, then your insurance company will reimburse you for a portion of the services.  


Counseling Intake and Assessment: $150.00

Individual Therapy Sessions: $135.00

ADHD Assessment: I can provide an assessment using the Vanderbilt Assessment for ADHD along with interviews and observations of your child. This assessment can be used for school concerns and interventions, or for pediatric / psychiatric referrals.

BRIEF: Behavioral Rating Inventory for Executive Functioning: $200  This is often used along with the Vanderbilt to assist in selecting goals (strengths and weaknesses) for the coaching process.